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I have been tasked by my company to research the cost of upgrading my computer and have given me the limitless approval of money line. I am not sure how limitless this really is, but I would assume the build should probably stay under $3000. I dont need a monitor at this time, keyboard, or mouse (as I currently have those), but everything else will be needed including a case. Its been a long time since I built a computer, so I was wondering if you all could give me initial thoughts.

I dont plan on overclocking and I doubt if this computer would ever be overclocked in any way. Most of our work is stored on the server drives, so I dont need an extremely large harddrive. I have 20.4TB of storage space at my disposal on the server drives. Any bigger than 300GB may not be necessarily, but could go with a 500GB just to be safe.

Mostly I just want to go with the best I can at first knowing the price may be too steep and I may need to scale back here and there as needed.

At some point I plan to upgrade my monitor as well with 2 30inch, currently running a 24inch and a 19" side by side. Any advice for 30 inch monitors would be nice.

Any any all suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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  1. i dont know that much of what programs you are to be using so i picked out this system with a quadro 5000. if you find out that computing power is needed, get a 7970 as it does double-precision compute pretty well. if you just need graphical performance, get 2 gtx 680s and run SLI

    should be also pretty quiet.
  2. whoops forgot to change the power supply. here is the edit
  3. my apologies on not mentioning the programs that will be run, an oversight on my behalf.

    Mostly flash, photoshop and illustrator, with a few other adobe programs coming into play here and there.

    They are also working toward having me also do video editing, but I am not sure which program we will be using for that.

    Im not sure if that helps with the reccomendation of video card. Also, thank you for your post, the pcpartpicker site seems very intriguing.
  4. ok then i will suggest getting this system.

    the 670s will suit your usage better than the quadro 5000. quadro cards are designed more for number crunching and graphical creation. the on-die hd4000 is a very fast way to render videos too. the cuda cores will be good for photoshop and illustrator
  5. any suggestion for larger format monitors? 28-30, either get one or two. Thank you for your quick replies. I have been researching the components you put on the list and they all seem very strong.
  6. If your planning on running two+ monitors at 28"+ I would checks these out.

    For an additional $70 it's another 2gb of GPU for the GTX 670. Not worth it for most people but well worth it of your planning on going with big monitors and high resolution.
  7. what would have quadro 5000 have over a pair of GTX 670, or would the pair of GTX 670s always perform better? I was looking at a benchmark and it appears that a single GTX 670 is better than an quadro 5000. Link for reference to what I am referring to.

    Also, it appears that these graphics cards have a fan on the bottom of them pushing air down and away, but if you stack two cards on top of each other, wont you run into heating issues as the one forces hot air directly at the other?

    Still open to ideas about monitors, I dont have any experience with larger format monitors as Ive only ever had a 24 inch at my house and at work.

    thanks all
  8. yes you wont run into heat problems as much. the reference cooler is esientally a vacuum sucking air in from the front of the card and edjecting the exhaust in the back. they typically dont cool as well as open air coolers, but are better in multi-gpu setups. unfortunatley, quadro cards can only be SLIed in certified server boards. in the end, just get a gtx670 and you will be happy with your purchase.
  9. I am considering also getting a Lian-li case as that has been what I have always gotten in the past. I like the way they design things. Any suggestions on a good case made by lian li that will fit all the above?

    Here is my updated build as we stand. May end up just getting one 30 inch for now, but means Ill be running a 30 and my current 24 at my workstation. Most ideal would be that they get me both 30s.
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