Why not to buy Fractal Define R4 and suggestions

hey guys,

I'm looking to put my old system into a new case, with a new psu, since the old one died.

I've been doing some research and thought Fractal Design Define R4 would be a good bet.

So does anyone have reasons not to buy this case, or have better suggestions?
I don't want to spend more than 180 euros on the case.
I'm also looking to upgrade the rest of my system once I have enough cash. Therefore
I'd like a case that's both ATX & mATX compatible


CPU: i7 920 @ 2.66 Ghz
Ram: 6gb ddr3
GPU: ati HD 4650
Chipset: Intel x58+ICH10r (mATX)
PSU: Seasonic X-760 or X-850
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  1. I like Fractal cases, if you like its design go for it. I own a Define XL.
  2. the R4 is a great case to build in. nice big gromments and lots of space in the back. not to mention the silence and the great front IO options. its my favourite case
  3. Can't go wrong with an R4.
  4. I just got an R4, pretty happy with it.
  5. Personally I like the Antec P280 series. :)
  6. Read Anandtech's Review

    The case seems pretty inefficient since the Antec 1100 is cooler and quieter at times. The P280 is even worse.

    The Antec 1100 is your best bet. Anandtech's 1100 review
  7. i hate the holes in the acrylic window on the 1100
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