Asus vs. msi

I'm currently building a pc and can't decide between these:



it's going to be paired with a 2500k and 8 gigs of 1866 ram. i'm going to be sticking with a single card as my mobo (asus P8Z68) doesn't support sli and i want to stick with nVidia.

i have my mind set on a 560ti was just wondering which of these is the best cooler/performer. i'm in ireland so nothing thats too far away as postage is a pain in the arse.

i don't really plan on OCing the gpu.

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  1. You want the Direct CU II top. Don't ask just buy, its better trust me, i just its smaller brother, same 560 ti, just lower clock
  2. Asus products are generally of much higher quality than MSI
  3. Hey where is the MSI?

    The link you gave us on the MSI leads to the second asus card -_-

    I would go for the DCUII, it's a great overclocker and should run cool. The MSI one should also run cool.
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