Help me choose GPU for around 90$

Hi i plan to purchase a new pc in future for gaming and im on a very low budget.
Card will be used for gaming at 1440x900 res. with medium to high settings (or higher as long as i get 30+ fps in game).
Im currently looking at these cards: Sapphire HD 7750, Sapphire HD 6770 and MSI GTS 450 all around the same price. Which card will give me better performance in games (mostly Skyrim as that is why im buying a new pc for)?

so the cpu will be intel so i was wondering is i3 2120* worth the 35$ over Pentium G850? I looked on some benchmarks the i3 is about 5-10 fps faster in games than g850 or is there any amd CPU better for that price range?.
PSU is SeaSonic SS400ET 400W (should be enough for those cards right?)
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  1. Yes I think it's worth it of the $35 increase in i3-2100 compared to G850. For gaming, currently the best CPU in AMD in those budget is probably the FX-4100, but I recommend the i3-2100 for gaming. over the FX-4100, the i3-2100 would bottleneck less with high end cards like 7970, and it consumes less power.

    It's like this:


    My first choice would be the 6770, because it's the fastest at the price. My second choice would be the 7750, it is a bit slower than 6770, but done without requiring any PCI-E power cable, it only takes power from the motherboard. I don't consider the 450 because it's too old now and something better will replace it, maybe, GTS 640?? Who knows, if you like nvidia, you could wait for that too, but I can't guarantee it's coming soon to the market.

    Good luck
  2. i m thinking....maybe it is better to get a HD 6850 with those extra $35 and stick with G850?? if the 400W Seasonic is enough that is....i heard games are more CPU bound at lower res is that true? than maybe i3 and hd 6770 are better deal for me...

    Also i3 2120 not i3 2100 my mistake...
  3. G850 with 6850 seems solid, if your PSU has one 6 (or 6+2) PCI-E connector cable, it should be fine handling the 6850. Seasonic PSU are really good PSUs, Yes, Games are more CPU bound at lower resolutions like 1280x720, 1024x768, etc. But G850 should be fine with the 6850 with your resolution I think.
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