ASUS Xonar DG, DS, D1 or DX?

I'm looking for a budget sound card for fps gaming (BF3, Cod, CS). I'm using Siberia V2's as my headset - mostly for gaming although I like to listen to some music once in a while.
I'm choosing between these 4 cards, altough other suggestions are also accepted.
From what I already read on the internet:

DG: Has an Amp, if you're using headphones, go for this one
D1: Basically the same as DX, only without the need for external power
DS: Always choosing the DG over the DS, why so? Because of the Amp?

Will the Siberia's use the Amp in DG properly or will I be better off with any of the other cards?
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  1. The issue with the DS is its very awkward placing. The D1/DX is too easy to recommend over it at its current price, and the DG(X) is a very solid card for its price. Makes the DS(X) very hard to recommend.

    Only real reason to go with the DS(X) is if you need optical and your equipment is all DTS capable. (DG(X) has no SPDIF output, D1/DX supports Dolby Encoding, DS(X) supports DTS encoding.)
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