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  1. I would go with the 6870 as the 2gb 6850 will be inferior in every way. Between 6870 and GTX 560, performance is similar and the 560 isn't powerful enough to really use that extra gb of vram, so I would go with the 6870 as it's the cheapest of the two and if I remember correctly it consumes less power. Sapphire is a great manufacturer by the way, my personal favorite.
  2. Every review I read prior to getting a 6850 indicated that it was a much better value than the 6870 YMMV; I ended up cross firing them and i have to say two Asus 6850s in xfire is a burly combo.

    IMO GTX 560 Ti or a 6850 and OC it, I had my single ASUS 6850 OC'd to 950/1200 on stock voltage with a PCI slot fan to help vent the heat and max temps were around 69*C
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