Intel i3 3220 vs AMD Phenom II x4 965

I've been researching CPU's a lot lately and I found ou that many people say that the Intel i3 3220 will run rings aroung a AMD Phenom Quad core like a 965 in gaming. I know the i3 is a dual core but has virtual cores but which one will have better performance paird with a HD7850? Also the i3 is a locked CPU so it can't be OC'd. Is there is any way you can tell what would be the equivilent in performance AMD CPU for the i3?
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    The AMD is better if your software uses 4 cores. Most games don't and thus the i3 is better.
  2. That's your answer^^

    We don't need another thread going on about this.
  3. Yeah, using the search would be hot.
  4. I would look for reviews to gauge how each would perform for the tasks you plan to use the processor for. Intel has faster performance per core right now, but AMD offers more cores for the money.

    This might be useful:
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