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I am doing research on cooling fans to build a gaming PC early next year. I have a question regarding the rpm for the cooling fans. I have looked at several 120 mm cooling fans. I saw two types of fans built by Corsair and will use them as an example:

-Corsair CO-9050006-WW SP120 Quiet Edition 120mm Fan Twin Pack - 2x 120mm Fans, 23 dBA, 37.85 CFM, 1450 RPM

-Corsair CO-9050008-WW SP120 Performance Edition 120mm Fan Twin Pack - 2x 120mm Fan, 35 dBA, 62.74 CFM, 2350 RPM

Although I do not plan to overclock, I have the following questions:

1. Is it better to go with a cooling fan with a higher rpm?

2. Would the higher rpm fan use the same or less electricity and create equal or less noise. if it used the same rpm as the lower rpm fan?
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  1. Well for your first question I choose higher rpm fans because they produce more CFM and better airflow in the case but if noise is a factor then go for the quiet edition. As you can see both fans have a dba measurement which is basically how loud they are. In addition, the higher rpm fan will use a bit more electricity than the lower rpm fan but its barely noticeable maybe 1-2 watts more? Fans typically use about 2-7 watts, 7 means the extreme high performance fans like those delta fans that spin at something like 3000-4000 rpm. To calculate the exact amount multiply the amps and voltage of the fans to get the maximum wattage it uses.
  2. RPM alone does not a good fan make. Large fans move more air than small fans all else being equal. And do it with far less noise. As mentioned above, look for the CFM rating over fan speed. You're not after fast air flow, just lots of air flow.
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