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My mouse recently started losing connection while playing video games, but it behaves differently depending on which game im playing. For example when I play Torchlight the mouse is always on and it never disconnects however when playing Darksiders II the mouse works well for a few minutes and then it briefly starts flickering and then completely loses connection. This only started happening recently.

The weird thing about this is that while my PC is idle it works fine. It may be a PSU problem since everything works fine while idle however since some games are demanding, in terms of power consumption, it may cause some kind of short circuit. However what I dont understand is why does it only affect the mouse, my USB device. It is my only USB device. All other devices are working well, even my keyboard which has an old PS2 connector.
Another weird thing that happens is that when I leave the game and try to replug the mouse it show the "USB device is not recognized" message, however after maybe 15 minutes of idle state i do the same thing again and my system recognizes the device.

Ive tried all solutions I could find, from reinstalling the drivers to formatting my drive, nothing works.

I should mention that a month ago during a storm two ports of my modem got fried along with my motherboard's LAN card. So could it be that the USB chips on the MB got some damage too? I hope it did not. I really have no idea how to solve this issue, please help. Here are my specs:

ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
LC Power 650W (I know people say this is a bad PSU but it wored great for me so far)
Gainward GTX 570
Seagate Barracuda 7200 HDD
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  1. Your Computer specs are quite good for gaming so your mouse freezing is not exactly hardware related. I believe it may be that that your mouse port is malfunctioning. So in other terms you may have damaged usb ports, try using the older style mouses that have their own green or purple connector on the motherboard.
  2. well, according to my experience..

    bad psu can cause this..because unstable power (voltage,ma ) from usb port..

    just according my experience..
  3. did you try the mouse in another usb port and yes motherboard could be damage from overpower on the storm
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