Need Powersupply For Build >$90

Hey All,
I'm about to finish my build but all I need is my power supply. I want a power supply less than $90. My build right now is:
Coolermaster HAF X (Blue Edition)
Asus M5A99X EVO
AMD Phenom x4 965 BE (I might upgrade to a 8-core Piledriver, but if it is bad I'll go to a i5 3570K)
MSI GTX 560ti Twin Frozr
500 GB Hard Drive (Will get SSD on Black Friday)
DVD Drive

So my question is... What power supply should I get? How many watts and what brand. My fans only light up when they attach to floppy cables (the 4pin cables) and I want them to so I would like to have 2 floppy cables I have 5-6 fans.

Power supplies I'm looking at buying:
OCZ Fatal1ty 750w

Rosewill Xtreme Seires 750w
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  1. Those are both highly overkill. Your rig will most likely only consume around 300w of power, thus 500-600w would be enough :) This is my recommendation for you.
  2. Was looking at that before btw my case is a full tower so will the cables be long enough?
  3. Yes, it should be able to reach everything that needs to be plugged in. The only thing I'm concerned about would be the CPU power connector. Though, I think the HAF X comes with an extension cable for that if I'm not mistaken, so you shouldn't be worried :)
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