Selling my X2 GTX 285s

Hey guys Im just wondering how much you think I could sell my two old GTX 285s that I used in SLI? I think its time that I get out the wallet and get me a GTX580 :D
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  1. Hello,

    Hmm. Used 2x 285 GTX's? I would say $200 for both would be acceptable. Maybe less.
  2. Considering the gtx 2xx doesn't support dx 11 not much. I'm still rocking two 275's and could easily add a 3rd but would rather put that to getting a dx 11 card.
  3. Get a 680. Or another new gen card. Last gen is so yesterday. :P
  4. The 285 offers about 15% less performance than the gtx 550 Ti, it has about 100W higher power draw, and it doesn't support dx11. Currently you can buy an open box 550 Ti for $81 on newegg. I don't think you can get more than than about $60 for a 285. A quick check on ebay shows 285's going for about that (before fees are taken out). I probably wouldn't pay more than $30/ea if I were in the market for a budget card, a low end current gen card just seems like a much better option than an 3 generation old top end card. Similarly a mid priced current gen card would beat them in SLI at a much lower level of power/heat/fan noise and no SLI hassles.
  5. Actually, you can get a 7770/6850 which will offer more or less the same performance while using like 1/2 to 1/3 the power. I'd sell them for $120 each or $200 for both.
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