I5 2500K + 580GTX Running REALLY Slow

Here are my results...


I built this computer in May.. perhaps I've burned something out? Anyone have some suggestions on where to start with this one?

I have pretty much no programs running. I installed CS:GO and it has been running slower and slower over time (pretty much unplayable at this point even on the lowest settings).

Stock CPU cooler. Not sure how hot it's running at this point but never had any BSODs or anything like that.

Thanks in advance for any tips you guys have.
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  1. I would say you may have temperature problems, sometimes when computers overheat they kind of down clock (temporarily) to lower temperatures. Download Hwmonitor and play a game and printscreen the temperature ranges shown.

  2. If I'm reading it correctly your graphics score is great and your CPU score is terrible.

    Try some cpu benchmarks like cinebench 11.5.
  3. Install Coretemps or Everest and analyze the temps you get.

    If nothing works, try re-installing windows.
  4. Yeah, first check to make sure it isn't overheating. Download CPUthermometer.exe (forgot where I found it but it works pretty well to a point). Check to make sure it's below 30 C when idling (doing nothing). If it's okay then check your power supply rating. You should probably know since you built it. If it's less than 500 watts, you probably can't run the GTX 580 very efficiently. It's a power hungry card. Also, power supplies can break down over time and deliver less power, so that could rob your system of adequate power. This might be the case since you said it's getting slower and slower over time. If that all checks out fine, then run a virus scan. I know I sound like a tech support guy, but it might work for you.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Thanks guys.

    I actually went and downloaded SpeedFan and saw that 2 Cores were running around 80º C. It looks like the stock CPU fan was loose (seems like a pretty crappy design) so i tightened it down.

    Gonna re-run the test. I'm also thinking i'll go buy a different CPU Fan and get some thermal paste.
  6. 80C is pretty high. A new cooler with good paste is a good idea. If want a cheap and good cooler, get the Hyper 212 +/EVO.
  7. Awesome thanks man.

    I re-ran the test after fixing the fan.. hope I didn't cause any permanent damage.

  8. That's a lot better.
  9. how much are you OC ur proc?
  10. Lucky enough, the cpu clocks down to save it self from damage. You should fine now.

    Adding a bolt on aftermarket cooler may give you peace of mind and some overclocking headroom as well.

    My pic for a budget is the Cooler Master 212+(cheaper) or 212 EVO(slightly better and more quiet).
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