Fixing up old computer

it's got mostly older parts in it.
old intel Duo core2 proc
P31-ESEG mobo
Ram is a random stick of 2gbs
graphics card is HD 4850
400w psu

i need to know a few things
The gpu requires a 450w PSU can that 50w im missing prevent it from posting?

It seems to boot but nothing comes up on the monitor I am assuming it's due to lack of the 50w. But, i want to be sure before I drop 50$ or so on a new one for this computer.

If all else Fails I am curious on a computer build that would cost under 300$. I don't know much about AMD to look into their parts for this computer.

only things needed would be mobo/cpu/ram Excluding the obvious power supply.
computer is for a wow player that uses a lot of addons so has to have Some power.
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  1. since i dont know what the psu is, its probably the quality of the psu and not the wattage. computers in general can drain a small amount of power, its the quality of the psu that decides how much real power it can draw from the wall and produce into dc current.
  2. Dynex
    DX - 400wps
  3. so I did some reading and reviews rate above psu pretty bad. This mean i should just get a new one?
  4. Hey, before you get a new power supply debug your boot problem.

    HD 4850 has a max power draw (TDP) of 114w. But it only draws that when under load.

    Did you put on the external power cable needed by the HD 4850 ?

    Here's a ref to help you debug.
  5. yes it needed 2 6 pin. I had to use a converter for one though. 2 molex to a six pin. I have to assume there's something wrong with the power supply cords or something. just not sure atm. hard to tell..
  6. looks like i got it too boot up and the screen came on at first but only on the first boot. And just before that I pushed the one connector the the gpu in and the gpus fan speed up and back down.
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