I5-3570k or 3350p for Flight Simulator X?

I'm going to rebuild my machine for FSX and I'm broken between these 2 CPU's -- i5-3570k and the 3350p. Newegg has a deal going now where you can get $25 off a CPU/MoBo combo and I also have a 10% off-your-order coupon but it only goes up to $20 off. My motherboard will most likely be the ASRock Z77 Extreme 3 LGA 1155 which is $119.99. (There's an MSI micro-ATX board for 10 bucks less, but ATX seems to be more upgrade-friendly.) So here are my options:

$119.99-$25.00 = $94.99 for the ASRock Z77 Extreme 3.
$229.99 for the i5 3570k.

$324.98 for the combo minus the $20 for 10% off and we get...

$304.98 instead of the normal $349.98 all together.

Now, that IS a really good deal. But I can go cheaper, since I'm cheap like that. What I'm asking is, will FSX performance be significantly worse on an i5-3350P that has a lower clock speed than on a 3570k overclocked? I've seen YouTube videos of FSX on the 3570K and it runs beautifully. I just need to save money, that's all. If I went with a 3350P, I'd be saving myself an extra 40 dollars (bringing the total down to 264.98) but do you think cheaping out over 40 bucks is worth it when it comes to long-term performance? I want to run FSX flawlessly on high settings and since the game is extremely CPU-bound, I haven't been able to enjoy it at all on my AMD Sempron 2800+ @1.6 GHz. :( I get something like 5 FPS on medium-high settings, which is painful to a point.
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  1. The 3350P is basically a downclocked i5-3570K. But, is it possible to get an i5-3470 or 3570? Those wouldn't cost a lot more, and they'd give you great performance. The 3350P would probably run fine, but I'd jump for a 3470/3450/3570.
  2. They only give you a choice of the i7-3770k, i5 3570k, i5 3350p, or i3 3220. :( Wish they could give some more variety on that deal but hey, I'd be paying the same price for this 3570k and Z77 board as I would if I got the 3470 or 3450 with a B75 board. So I guess I'll just go for the "K" and Z77 while it lasts. ;)
  3. Yeah I'd go for the K under these circumstances.
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    it's no contest, Intel i5-2500K/3570K for the win...

    if in the US and live near Microcenter or Fry's they have in-store only deals and you can get the CPU and/or CPU + mobo combo for less than anywhere else.
    plus they price match.

    i5-3570K @ $195.74 out the door..
  5. Since FSX is CPU dependent, you want the i5-3750k.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, guys! Except that deal has ended now, so I decided to talk to an expert on motherboards and got his take. He told me that the MSI Z77MA-G43 is not a very good quality board, and I agree, since it is only a MicroATX and does not have many slots of any sort. So I have made up my mind to buy the ASUS P8Z77-v, Antec 300 case, ASUS DVD burner, 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600, Antec 620W PSU, and with a few magic promo-codes that Newegg emailed me, I can get it all for around $300. I will buy the i5 later if it ever goes on sale or just ask for it for Christmas. You know parents can't resist buying their kids $230 worth of high-tech hardware. ;) So yes, definitely the -3570K!! :D
  7. 3570K = FTW..
    and go into Fry's or MicroCenter (if live near one) and get the in-store only pricing for your processor.
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