Power Suppy the problem..?

I went to get on my computer and noticed that it was off and that my monitor and speakers were on. I hit the power button, it did nothing, i checked the connections, unplugged and pluged everything back in, the computer still won't start. Is my power suppy gone?
Its 235 watts i believe, I have a Slot A Athlon 900/ 1.85volts.

If it is, can anyone help me with finding a replacement?
Thank you.
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  1. Sorry to state the obvious but I work in a technical field and I often overlook a simple solution after hours of work. Be sure to check the power cord. Not just at the wall, but into the power supply. Also check any breakers on any power strips to make sure one didn't trip. Or perhaps the pwoer switch on the power supply itself got turned off. It's unusual for a power supply to go bad while it's off! If all else fails, you can pick up a new power supply fairly cheap at any computer store. Good luck!

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  2. I noticed it was off, meaning it was on but then (presumably the power supply failed. Anyways, I'll look into what you told me, thanks.
  3. I think the above is the likely situation. I think you should also check all power connections inside your computer - especially the one to the motherboard.

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