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Recommended video card for my PC?

I've been reading threads here because i've been meaning to upgrade my pc's graphics card but the more i read the more i get confused so i'll just ask it straight out what can you guys recommend for pc with this specs:

i've opened it up and it seems my psu is 220w and needs video cards with low profile brackets.

Btw i intend to use this for gaming but i just don't want to buy a new pc just yet.

Thank you very much for your help.
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  1. What is your budget? Without knowing that, I have used the HD6570 in similarly powered systems with great success. The only caveat is NO OVERCLOCKING with that PSU.

    One like this will do quite nicely:
  2. thanks for the reply ^_^
    btw can you explain the no overclocking thing as i am not too savvy with these things sorry

    i am just looking for the best for my pc so i'll just look and see if i can afford your suggestions

    my aim for gaming is to play the newer games out there like skyrim at a playable level and not really at high graphics

    still i am open to any suggestions so fire away

    again thanks for the help =)
  3. Overclocking is the process of running components (CPU, video card, memory) at higher speeds than the typical "stock" speeds. Doing so requires more power from the power supply and generates more heat than when running at normal speeds. Given your relatively weak power supply, you shouldn't overclock in order to not put additional strain on it.

    The HD6570 will play Skyrim at playable levels. Medium settings should be fine. Of course, the CPU you have and the resolution of your display will impact your overall gaming experience.

    What CPU do you currently have? How much memory is installed? What is the native resolution of your display?
  4. wow quick reply ^_^
    my cpu is from emachines with intel dual core e5200 2.5 ghz has a built-in NVIDIA GeForce 7100 and i have upgraded its memory to 3gb (i put 2gb memory cards of same brand but it only reaches 3gb i don't know why). I don't know about the native resolution how do you check that?

    thanks for the overclocking explanation. so am i gonna overclock if i play games like skyrim and the like at higher settings than medium? what can i do so i avoid this? what happens when my pc does overclock?

    sorry if i'm a bit annoying with my questions but this is all very new but interesting to me at the same time and thank you for your help =)
  5. No OCing is something you (the user) affect. Games don't do it. OCing an OEM (brand name) computer can be difficult, but the video portion can be easliy manipulated via the video drivers/applications.

    Are you running Windows 7, Vista, or XP?

    You can right click on your desktop and select either properties or screen resolution to see what resolution your monitor maxes out at (and is likely set to now). Like 1440x900 on the monitor I am using now.

    You can also google the specifications for the make/model of your display to get the info.
  6. oh uhm what do you mean by i affect OCing? and how do you manipulate the video card so it does not overclock?

    i'm running windows xp and it seems my native resolution is 1440x900.
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    OCing the CPU is usually done by modifying BIOS settings. With OEM systems, like yours, those options are not available in the BIOS. If you had a non-OEM motherboard, you would be able to adjust CPU timings, voltages, etc, thus making the CPU run faster than intended.

    As long as you don't enable OCing in the Nvidia Control Panel (for Nvidia GPUs) or in Catalyst (for ATI GPUs), you don't have to worry about anything OCing your GPU.

    The recommended HD6570 will perform nicely at 1440x900.
  8. i'll go with your suggestion

    thanks alot for your help ^_^
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  10. mltm said:
    i'll go with your suggestion

    thanks alot for your help ^_^

    You are most welcome. Good luck and have fun!!!
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