Will my i7-930 bottleneck the new 7970?

And also does it matter that my mobo is PCI-E 2.0? Would that bottleneck the card in any way? My CPU is stocked (2.8ghz)

Also for the last 4 years I've been all about ATI/AMD. Do you think the 680 is a better buy than the 7970?
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  1. First time posting in like a year. I went back to stock and saw no benefits from ocing.
  2. The HD 7970 should be a little faster than the GTX 680 as it has more bandwidth, but that is it -- mean the GTX 680 should win in the other features

    Have you ever thought about in crossfire your HD 6950 unlocked to a 6970? I believe that both together might be a good set up -- should it bottleneck the CPU you know how to OC, eh?
  3. The 7970 has a slight edge in high resolution / high image quality games. The 680 has an edge elsewhere.

    Neither card is an underperformer
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