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So I just had all my parts come in and began building a new build. Everything was set up right, I turn it on and LEDs plus fans come on. I know I've done the basics right. I've read most posts on here and tried everything. The CPU 4pin is plugged in. I've tested out different PSUs, moved the RAM around and even tried some ram from other computers. Finally I went bearboard and tried different combos. Not once did the computer post or even beep.

At this point I'm assuming it's either the mobo or CPU. Unfortunately this is my first build with the AMD Llano chips so I don't have any other mobo with the right socket or CPU to test. Is there anything I can do to know for sure which one is messed up?

Thanks guys!

PS: Long time reader, first time poster so let me say hello to everyone!
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  1. Sorry, here are the specs. And yea that article was the first one I read

    APU AMD | A4-3400 2.7G FM1
    MEM 4G|G.SKILL F3-10666CL9S-4GBNT
    HDD 500G|ST ST500DM002 7.2K

    The case came with a 400 PSU
  2. Do the basics. Mobo, PSU, one RAM stick in the first slot, CPU. Plug everything in from the beginning. Follow your motherboard's manual exactly. This is just to rule out operator error before you have to start determining whether parts are broken.
  3. Well I'm a bit confused on what you mean by basics? I've done most of the stuff your saying to do already. When you say Mobo, CPU what exactly do you want to me do with them?
  4. Use only them. No HDD, no case, only one RAM stick.
    Do you have your CPU heatsink on correctly?
  5. Oh yeah I've already done that. I should've elaborated when I originally said I tried different combos. I tested the PSU separately with a paper clip and it was fine. I tried booting up with only the CPU and this got nothing. Than I tried the RAM in different slots and just to be sure I used RAM that works from two other computers, yet still no beeps.

    Like I said, I'm assuming its the Mobo or CPU. Should I just replace both of them just to be safe? I just don't wanna have to pay to ship both of them back off.
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    I think a bad CPU would get you a beep code, assuming you've got a speaker. Replace the mobo.
  7. Thanks man!
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