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Hello guys, when playing, the game freeze ( screen freeze , cant move mouse, cant alt tab or ctrl+alt+sup), i wait some seconds, and then just keep running normal, this can happens several times, o sometimes dont happens at all .The games this happens are sc2, gta san andreas and age of empires:theconquerors (i dont have more games installed).Most of the components are new,except for the hard disk :

i5 2400
asus p8h67 m lx
8gb ram (2x4gb) kingston 1333mhz
intel hd 2000
thermaltake tr2 600w
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits.

This things are new , the hard disk is old WDC WD1600AABS-00PRA0 ATA Device sata2 160GB

The things i already do:
Install latest drivers.
Check temps of cpu : 48C was the maximum (check it with hwmonitor) , dont know how to check gpu temps, cause they are inside the cpu.
defragment disk.

Hope guys u have any ideas, its really anoying , especially in sc2 and age of empires . Thanks.
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  1. your graphics are built into your cpu, and the hd2000 series isn't to hot. you should get yourself a decent video card.
  2. Yes i will get a video card in future, meanwhile i will use the integrated gpu, but im sure the intel hd2000 can handle age of empires the conquerors . My old pc , with a integrated video card 64 mb and 512 ram run age smoothly even in large battles in 4 v 4 players. So i expected this pc can handle age of empires o_O
  3. you had an integrated video card with 64meg?
  4. Yes the old one, it was a integrated graphic card , the name was something like unichrome pro gp , only support 3d , and with that i can run age of empires the conquerors smoothly , now that i have new stuff my logic say that will have to run age of empires more than smoothly , but instead, sometimes freezes, like i describe in the first post , and also freeze in the games named . Any help is apreciatte .
  5. Hi guys, any idea, i would really apreciate .
  6. and this happens only in games? any programs running in background?
  7. Yes only in games, i close all programs running in backgrounds and still freeze . I installed assasin creed 1 , and its funny , the scenario freeze , the caracter and the npc just freeze but i can still move the camera around and the graphshud(life and minimap) are still moving, wait some seconds and then keep running like nothing happens xD. I dont think its a graphics issue, because this happen in age of empires the conquerors, and that game its not a graphic killer :P
  8. does your cpu load max out at these freeze points?
  9. How i check that?
  10. ctrl + alt + del, performance tab, cpu usage history. you will see a graph.
  11. Just check playing sc2 , one of the core was 100%, another was like 80% and the other one was almost 0% and the other something like 35%
  12. what does the cpu do when the computer lags out?
  13. I dont know if i understand well the question, but like my previous post, i was in sc2, the game freeze , i check the graphs, and one of the core was 100%, another was like 80% and the other one was almost 0% and the other something like 35%

    EDIT: I put running the game in window mode , in the background running a video ,and the monitoring tools . The game freezes , but was only the game,the pc was good, the video was running, and i can do others things like opens programs ,etc . The monitoring tools show nothing extrange,i noticed that the core of the gpu while the game was running ,reach to 1450 mhz ,in iddle is 850 mhz .
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