Amd a8 4500m vs intel premium b970?

Is there supposed to be a noticeable speed difference when internet browsing, office applications etc between B970 and AMD A8 4500M?

I need to buy a new laptop asap and can't wait until windows 8 comes out. The two laptops are similar except that the 1st one comes with the amd processor, 500gb hard drive, but costs $100 more. The 2nd one comes with the b970 processor, 320 gb hard drive, and no cd-dvd drive. I tried both of them at the store earlier today. The 2nd one seemed faster when I was internet surfing but internet explorer on it also crashed several times (but re-opened fairly quickly). I don't know much about processors but I had thought the amd a8-4500m would be faster than the intel b970. Is what I experienced expected?

I intend to use the laptop for internet surfing and programming with php. I don't intend to use it for gaming. Since I do multi-task sometimes, I thought the amd would be much better since it is quad core.

I don't really need the cd-dvd drive as I rarely use CDs or DVDs, but I do need to use them once in a while. On my current laptop, I'm only using about 150gb, so 500gb isn't necessary for me.

What do you guys think is the better deal for me? I think the 2nd one is but I just want to make sure that the AMD a8-4500m isn't supposed to be significantly faster than the intel premium b970
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  1. For your usage, both will be fine. I'm thinking the installation of Windows on the demos you used were gunked up; thus leading to crashes and whatnot. If you get a brand new laptop, you will notice no difference while using Office applications.

    I would personally pick up the AMD machine, just because of the extra GPU horsepower for some casual gaming I may do :)

    At the end of the day, I would choose the laptop that has the best features for your needs. As I said earlier, both will suffice :)
  2. alright thanks for the reply
  3. You're very welcome :)

    If you want the best experience using your laptop, I would highly recommend upgrading to an SSD!
  4. I also came across this which might be good. What do you think about this in comparison to the 1st two I suggested?

    It is a Lenovo G570, Intel Core i5-2450, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive
  5. Unless you are playing games the I5 is going to be overkill for everyday use. The Pentium G or I3 would be more than enough.
  6. rds1220 said:
    Unless you are playing games the I5 is going to be overkill for everyday use. The Pentium G or I3 would be more than enough.

    I would agree, however, considering that this laptop is cheaper than the ones OP first listed, I think it's a suitable alternative.


    I just noticed OP didn't link any laptops :lol: I'm confusing another thread... My apologies.

    @ OP

    This laptop is also a very nice selection, I would say go for the option that has the best aesthetics/features for you. And of course, a laptop that is the most price friendly for you. Any of these laptops would suffice and get their job done considering you'll only be taking advantage of Office applications :) It's just a matter of looks, features, and cost now.
  7. Since I tend to use a number pad a lot, I would personally consider purchasing the A8-4500M based ASUS notebook or the Core i5 based Lenovo.
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