HELP my pc keeps rebooting randomly while playing games

i've had this problem for a while now and ive been reading up on it because i didnt want to make a post about every little thing. So while im playing a game like Battlefield3 my computer will just restart itself, sometimes it wont sometimes it will, its really random, sometimes my screen will just freeze too, so i'll have to hit the restart button.
1. Ive turned off the system restart if its BSOD, so for sure it isnt BSOD
2. I thought it was cpu heating problems so i bought a h100 and thats not the issue, even though i had good temperatures to begin with.
3. I just bought a new power supply because i thought my 850w was defective out of the box.

p.s. ive also ran furmark for about a good 35 minutes and nothing happened, but like i said the system reboots are really random. So maybe it just decided to be nice ahaha

I can play games like LoL for hours upon hours and not have my computer reboot, but when i play battlefield 3 or diablo 3 its rather random

So now ive wasted all this money trying to fix the problem and it still presists, does anybody have any input on what it could be?

Computer Specs:
i7 2600k
Asus geforce gtx 570
8gb crosair ram
850w crosair PSU
h100 cpu cooler.
and im doing push pull with the fans on my case
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  1. have you tried rolling back the graphics drivers ?

    Have you tried downloading and installing the latest graphics drivers?
  2. i have the lastest graphic drivers out right now, ive had this problem for a long time, i just kind of left it alone but im getting tired of it. So even with the old drivers i was still having the problem
  3. LoL isn't quite as demanding on the graphics card as BF or D3, maybe swap it out if you can find a spare and see what happens?
  4. i dont have another graphics card though so thats why im asking, ive spent so much money on all these new parts for it to not be the problem. Also like i said i ran furmark for about 35 minutes and i watched my GPU hit 87 C and stabilize. this problem is really getting to me
  5. What is the tempurature of the graphics card? BF3 and D3 are going to put a lot more stress on the Graphics card than LoL (as Macten already stated). You should try setting up a custom fan profile that will help keep the temp down.
  6. my temps are around 50 C when gaming, and 35 for CPU and 40 for GPU when im just idling

    edit= seems like when im playing bf3 the temps are around 66 c highest
  7. last night i reset my cmos, still have the problem, and i also updated my bios and i still have the problem, im still desperate for a answer
  8. I had a MSI motherboard that did the same thing. Replaced the board and problem went away. Your Mobo may be at fault. Some times it's best to bring it in the the local repair shop and just drop the 50ish to find out.
  9. classzero said:
    I had a MSI motherboard that did the same thing. Replaced the board and problem went away. Your Mobo may be at fault. Some times it's best to bring it in the the local repair shop and just drop the 50ish to find out.

    could it be? i figured i had a faulty motherboard before, so i already RMA'd it once and got a new one. I have an asus mobo. did i get 2 faulty ones? =\
  10. Some other things to try to help trouble shoot this.

    Before you replace the mobo, perhaps replace the mobo battery first to see if that helps. A cheap thing to try and if it fails to resolve the issue your not on the hook for much $$$.

    I have seen bad ram modules cause systems to act this way,, can you swap out the ram or have alternate/replacement modules to test the issue? At least if nothing else to eliminate them as the culprit. If not possible run memtest to see what the results are.

    Another cheap trouble shoot tip to eliminate, replace your sata cables. Unplug the CD/DVD rom drive then run the game. Also disconnect any hubs or other USB devices to see if this helps if you have not already done so.

    Just trying to give you a run down list to eliminate things as you go that will not gouge the wallet.
  11. Most likely cause is bad RAM. Usually, RAM defects will occur on a certain bank or its attached circuitry, so errors will happen when the systems tries to R/W to that specific memory bank. Since memory access is random (hence RAM), errors are also random in nature.

    Try running only one memory stick at a time, see if there's any difference. I have 4 Corsair Vengeance 4GB sticks, one of them was defective since purchase. You could also try some memory diagnostic tool, such as memtest86+.

    Your motherboard could also be the problem, but from personal experience I can tell you RAM is more likely to fail.
  12. okay ill give memtest86 a go and see if that solves the issue
  13. i actually never did the memtest86+ because i figured out the solution to this problem, all i did was go into my bios and turn on XMP, and ive been playing 2 days without a problem, i just wanted to come back and tell you guys for people who might also have this problem.
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