Upgrading 520 to 9800 GT

I've read that for newer Nvidia cards I don't need to uninstall the old drivers when upgrading. However, Since the 9800 is technically an older card than the 520, do I need to uninstall the 520 drivers before I install the 9800?
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  1. Can I please ask why you are "upgrading" to a 5 year old card?

    I believe that generation uses a different set of drivers (the 9800), so check the nVidia website.
  2. Because it about 7 tiers higher in Toms performance charts. And 8 to 10 times faster than what he has now!

    It is best to uninstall the old drivers or in the newer Nvidia install options,choose advanced install and check the box"Clean Install".
  3. That is not much of an upgrade. Yes run a driver sweeper and then put the 9800 in then put in the cd thaat came with it so you can start using it. Or you can run the sweeper.

    Then use your integrated GPU get the latest driver and save them then install your new card then down load them and you should be good to go. I have linked you to the hierarchy of GPUs and on nVidia your two cards Good luck to you.



  4. Thanks guys.

    I think it's a decent upgrade considering I paid almost nothing for the 9800 last year (it's been sitting in a drawer for a year since I haven't played any games, lol). The 520 can barely run anything (it struggles with Left 4 Dead 2 on lowest settings, lol).

    With the Guild Wars 2 Beta coming up I need something with a little more muscle. According to the benchmarks, the 9800 can run the beta smoothly on med/high while the 520 lags on low.
  5. Well I am glad you are able to work with it but if you ever need to upgrade it you know where to come for advise. Good luck.
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