Silence - Corsair 300r + Foam vs. Fractal Design R4

Which would be quieter and better for the money, a Corsair 300r + Acoustic Foam (amazon $10) or a Fractal Design R4?

Stock i5 Ivy Bridge Fan
Geforce GTX 460
CX 500W (Acoustic Foam)

Also, should I get a quieter PSU? I'm going for the CX500 atm.
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  1. Both cases are great get which ever cheaper and for powersupply i get
  2. I have the 300R. It is fantastic, I have 4 case fan going in it right now and it's quiet as a mouse.
  3. That PSU's expensive! :O

    I'm not willing to spend >50 dollars on a PSU. Are the Antec ones pretty quiet?
  4. lol well this is your best bet rather your willing or not it's not a wise idea to skimp on your power supply Antec Neo Eco 520C
    Seasonic made. 40 amps 12V power. $55 and 3 yr warranty
  5. Seasonic X series....

    I personally use the Antec HCG 620, it's VERY quiet.
  6. amuffin said:
    Seasonic X series....

    I personally use the Antec HCG 620, it's VERY quiet.
    +1 if you want a quiet top notch power supply it's going to cost you more then $50 :lol: it's a case of you get what you pay for ;)
  7. Wait, so how efficient is the foam? Could I supposedly buy, say, a 30 dollar case and fit it with some PSU silencers and acoustic foam, and have it run practically silent?
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    you are WAAAAAAAAAY better off with getting a R4 instead of a 300R. better cabling, better IO, better fans, and would be more sturdy than adding foam to the case. and the foam that you buy isnt as good as the fractal stuff in terms of quality

    so just get a R4

    and id recommnd this power supply. dont cheap on the power supply. its the component that keeps the system alive or just completely kills it.

    this unit is based off of the seasonic m/s12ii platform. a bit newer and more efficient than the one on the antec basiq
  9. What's the big deal with Seasonic PSU's, and why are the Corsair ones bad? I have no idea what to go for when it comes to PSU's, lol
  10. seasonic is number one (you could argue that superflower is just as good)

    the corsair tx and some hx and ax series are made by seasonic (ax1200i is made by flextronics)

    the cx series are made by channel well and tend to be cheap because they are made cheap. they are ok for budget builds but i generally would recommend seasonic over that
  11. How do you tell if a PSU is Seasonic made?
  12. there is a website somewhere. or you can compare model numbers at the 80+ certified website.

    and we know because we read reviews before we suggest stuff to people. we do our research so you guys dont have to
  13. Haha thanks then :P

    I think I'll go with the Antec. (MIR)

    Are there any other budget cases that you'd recommend that run really quietly? If there are no other cases cheaper than the R4 (110) I'll stick with the R4. Silence is a bigger priority than airflow; I won't be OC'ing.
  14. i hope you didnt buy a k chip.

    and if you have a matx motherboard, you can save 10 bucks and go for the define mini

    and there pretty much isnt any other good silence case i can think of
  15. No I did not get a K chip. Thanks for the help though.
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  17. no problem
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