Upgrading system, help required

Hello everyone. I have been planing for a while to upgrade my computer, but i am "low" on budget. I have been planing to upgrade the comp in parts (mobo/cpu/ram in one part and gpu in other part)

My current rig is
mobo: asus p5k
cpu: dual core e6750 2.66 ghz overclocked to 3.4 ghz (fsb 425 x8)
ram 4 gb ddr2-800 (2x 1gb and 1x2gb dont remember exact models but they are desinged for gaming)
gpu: gainward golden sample ati hd 4870 gddr5 512gb vram ccc version 12.3
cooling: 2x120 mm case fans and front intake back exhaust, 1x140mm top exhaust
cpu coolig: aftermarket http://www.arctic.ac/en/p/detail?sArticle=4.%3F
case: antec 300
monitors: 1080p screen and 1600x1200 screen (1080p used for games)
hdds: 3 different hdd's regular 3,5. don't remember exact specs
psu: dont remeber the brand or model but its 500w

also i am using 5.1 speakers so any mobo upgrades should have analog (thouse headphone like plugs) surrond

While i can run most games fine the rig starts to show problems with newer games. I like fps games and while i can play games life bf 3 playable on low settings (high/medium on campaing) i stil get fps drops there and there. My budget is around 200 euros atm. Question is wich parts i should upgrade first and what parts should i get?

Also few questions.

1. If i get new gpu how bad bottleneck would my system be?
2. Continuing the question. How bad would be to get pcie 3x16 gpu card while my current mobo has only pcie 1x16?
3. Does my other monitor affect gaming? I like to have my other monitor for browser and skype. (also it is useful with bf 3 and battlelog)

Also I would like to pay online with paypal since i do have bit money in my paypal balance. This is not must but would help a lot.

(sorry for english. I live in Finland and dont speak english as my primary language)
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  1. Could you please clarify the currency you're using and what the primary electronics retailer in your country is?
  2. I am not sure about primary electronics retailer in Finland, but i have been used to buy my computer and console parts from here: www.verkkokauppa.com (i dont belive it has english)

    Also currency is euro
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