My friends computer crashes in games sometimes

I have built a pc from used parts for my friend, and it still crashes sometimes. The specs:

Asrock n68c-s ucc (from my computer, half year old)
AMD athlon x2 4400+
2x2GB Kingston 800Mhz (also from my previous PC)
Palit Geforce 9800GT 1GB (this also)
Some 160GB HDD (100/100 in sentinel)
ASUS A-45GA Power supply ( i bought this yesterday because i thought the previus LC power 420W was the issue)

The PC crashes randomly when playing games. Diablo 3, Terraria, Team Fortress 2. When the freeze occurs the sound glitches and the PC has to be restarted. I told him to monitor the GPU temps in GPU-Z but the temps dont go above 60Celsius. I told him to monitor the CPU temps in core temp. He will do it today.

So the parts i gave him were flawless when i used them. And I cant seem to figure out the cause of the crashes. The motherboard was switched from a MSI K9N neo v2, but i didnt reinstall windows. I'll try that at the weekend.

In the meantime give me ideas please :)
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  1. 1. check your memory..
    download superPi and run 32mb benchmark..
    if your ram in excellent condition, it will pass..

    2. check your mobo and processor
    run your system at default clock
    use prime 95 to check stability test..if it can running at one hour without bluescreen, then your mobo and processor in excellent condition..

    3. check your gpu..
    run furmark at least 15 minutes..if it can run flawlessly without any error, then your gpu is okay..

    4. check your psu..
    run occt benchmark..and watch your psu voltage with digital multimeter..
    if it can running without any error..then your psu is okay..
  2. I dont think the PSU is problem because we tried with my Chieftech gps450AA and the freeze still occured. I will reset the bios, maybe something is wrong there and try the steps you mentioned. Thanks for the fast reply ;)
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    You switched motherboards without re-installing Windows? It's a wonder it ran at all! you'll see a difference when you re-install, to a formatted drive please..
  4. check the mb bios rev the newest one in 1.6 and there been a few updates for cpu code for that mb.
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  6. Reinstalled windows and its perfect, thanks for the help guys ;)
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