Good prebuilt gaming pc for under $650?

I am new to gaming pcs and computers in general. I am looking for a good prebuilt gaming pc that can run games like battlefield 3, crysis 2, left 4 dead and so on. I am not able to build a computer because of my lack of knowledge when it comes to computer hardware.
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  1. There's this from Tiger:

    Are you sure you dont want to build it yourself? It's not as hard as is sounds and guides are all over the Internet. If you choose to do so you nearly always get a much better deal (and more powerful pc) for the same price you would a pre-built. This computer is powerful for its price range and should be able to play what you wish, perhaps some games wouldn't run so well on ultra settings. Most games it'll power through though on good settings. Remember though that this has no monitor with it.

    Update: read the benchmarks just now on the specific games you mentioned. So it definitely meets the minimum requirements. However it may not be smooth on higher settings. For this price range of a pre built gaming rig this is what you would expect.
  2. Thanks it helps greatly and the thing about building a pc is compatibility issues and I dont really know what parts to get and I am afraid that I will mess something up and I would break it. However I am going to GA Tech in a year for computers so maybe when I graduate from college I will have the knowledge to build one.
  3. You're overshooting how difficult it is. I'm 16 with no formal education in computers (except the basic A+ certs in hardware/software) and I built my first computer before getting those (couple years ago). It honestly is worth it. People on here are happy to help you I'm sure, including myself. But your preference is your preference. Just letting you know. Any other questions?
  4. Would suggest building your own. You'll get a much larger bang for the buck. As Saiix said, it's much easier that it seems... A quick youtube video would pretty much help. Here's the Newegg series:
    Check out my $650 build here:
    Much bigger bang for the buck. The i5 3450 is by far better than the iBuyPower's FX-4100 and the 6870 is much better than the 6770. However, understandably so because I don't include the DVD drive or OS. However seeing as you're a student of a College, Windows should be having a deal right now for Win7.
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