Hackintosh Forum possibility?

I'd like to know what it might take to get a Hackintosh forum up on TH. I'd gladly help with admin/moderating if needed. I use OS X on my Dell, had fun doing it, and think others would benefit from making a forum for it on a trusted and well known site like Tom's!

I know there are legal issues to consider, but that hasn't seemed to pique Apple's interest on the various other sites out there supporting this project. I also find it discouraging to post or read posts in the current MAC forum and at the slightest mention of 'Hackintosh' the flamers let loose, even though in the sticky it says it's allowed. Sometimes I need software answers as to why something is doing something or how to do something, but the flaming makes me go elsewhere for answers (rarely is it the Hackintosh's fault, it's a software or user problem when I do find the answer).

Anyway, please let me know what why and if please and thank you!! Tom's rocks!!
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  1. Hackintosh section would be nice. ;)

    I need to upgrade to ML on my SL machine.
  2. A good question. The legality element is the major concern here. We're open to allowing conversations about certain software usage here, but assigning a particular section to that end might be a bridge too far.
  3. Why not let people assume you're using a real Mac and just focus on the software issues? Sometimes giving people more info than necessary can hinder a solution to a problem. Just pic a Mac in your profile that is closest to your Hackintosh. Not that it would matter anyway much unless its a portable machine. Apple people resent the fact that you have far more control over your hardware, paid a fraction for it compared to what they did, and understand the process involved in doing that (which does take significant time for most of us). So they get angry. Like upset kids that don't get their own way. When they go to get their Apple product serviced for a major component like the screen for an iMac or a motherboard they are in for a major shock as the cost for that part is often much more than the value of the whole device on the used market. Apple people seemed to have failed every class in Economics Devaluation ever offered. Whereas when your motherboard decides to give up the ghost in the future, its a simple matter of going to Ebay and picking up the same vintage part as a direct replacement for often less then $40. Apple users just don't have options like that. They think in the here and now. Its like they park their brains at the door as soon as they cross the threshold of their hallowed temple/Apple store. If its shiny they seem too squeal with delight. Perhaps Apple's success is an example of why the world's economy in the developed world is in such a mess: Impulsive spending with little thought for the future. Anyone that has really opened up an Apple product is usually amazed at the mediocrity of the parts used which is surprising considering the astronomical prices they want for that thing new. Apple is all about slick marketing to dullard consumers I guess. I sell excess hardware when I don't need it and if it has an Apple name on it I'm always amazed at the incredibly naivety of the buyers that are attracted to that product. As a group, their lack of hardware knowledge far eclipses any other product group I've ever encountered. Which of course is how they got persuaded to buy that product in the first place. Anybody with a rational mind would just do the math and decide that its poor value - period.
  4. I should add that when Apple people argue that their hardware doesn't cost much more (ludricous of course for anybody that can navigate a NewEgg website) point out that there are no users out there that ever buy a Mac to use only Windows on it. If their hardware was good value that would occur all the time.
  5. As long as there was a posting to the fact of something like this for some CYA:

    This section is here to provide educational access, possible scenarios or other discussions of hardware and software available to the “General Public” in the consumer market. Posts in this, like all other forum sections and subsections contained at tomshardware.com and its associated devices, or any or all other devices that allow or are allowed access with storage, read and/or write privilege to these domains regardless of operating system under any registered or unregistered domain name associated with this website; are covered in part or whole by clauses known as 'Freedom of Speech' as awarded by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    Tom's Hardware and its present or future individuals of mentioned or unmentioned subsidiary partnerships, owners, service providers, advertisers or other responsible or irresponsible individuals or parties for the aforementioned in no way endorses nor supports the use of any software or hardware for illegal activity, modification or circumvention of said hardware or software uses or securities except that which is allowed by any and/or all accompanying EULAs or agreements otherwise between the manufacturers and end users of any and all hardware or software discussed or used in this forum. Posts provided are the intellectual property and sole responsibility of the members that write, submit and read forum discussion.

    Tom's Hardware can and shall not be held responsible for any content contained herein whether past, present or future from the date of forum conception and implementation onto the forum website(s). These privileges are not all inclusive nor limited to only those individuals, parties or companies mentioned or contained in this document. Tom’s Hardware has discretion and reserves the present and future rights to limit or allow any or all persons with access to this forum by any means allowed by the Moderators, Administrators or any other persons with granted access to change forum user’s rights or privileges.

    Or something of the sort :)
    (Yeah, I lead a boring life and had time to think this one up)
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