If you had to pick any of one cpu out of this group which would it be?

hi i was looking to make a new pc build for under $140 with taxes. i have right now i have the intel q6600 oc to 3.0GHZ. but i have a spot for amd, and would i like to go with them since they have the best bang for the buck right now with my price range.

here is the cpus im looking at.

a10 5800k
FX 6100
Phenom II X6 1045T

i have the 650ti for graphics, and plan to get a ssd. the games that i play are sc2, league of legends which i play the most.

thanks for the help

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  1. personally, I'd get a phenom ii x4 965 BE. In gaming it even beats the phenom x6 1045T just because of the higher stock clock speed. Playing the games you're playing, I doubt you'll ever even use three of the four cores offered in the 965, unless you'll be running fraps alongside the game.
  2. i would like to start streaming some of my league game play, which one would u say then, but i do see on the webstie they have a " core i3 3220" which would be the best for straming, having alot of goolge chrome pages open, and running steam.

    thanks again
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    I'm not entirely sure what is required for streaming. I've heard that having a good internet connection with high download/upload speed is more important than your cpu.

    Personally, I think that for overall multitasking the 965 will beat the i3, because on a true quad core you can assign your game to one or two cores and whatever you're streaming/recording with and your browser tabs to the other two cores.

    The i3 has 2 true cores. True, each one may be a lot more efficient than any of amd's at the moment, but if you'll be doing some multitasking while gaming, I'd imagine the 965 pulls ahead, especially if you overclock it.

    Nevertheless, it remains that if gaming is ALL you're doing (no fraps, no streaming, etc) the i3 remains unparalleled in performance. It should be stated though that the 3220 is still very capable of recording games (maybe not BF3 multiplayer, though). A true quad just does it better :)
  4. If ur streaming your games then internet speed will be more of a priority than what your system has with the exception of the video card.
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