How high will the phenom ii x4 965 BE overclock with the stock cooler?

Some reviews said they had it overclocked to 4.2 ghz on the stock cooler. Not sure if I believe that, considering it runs fairly hot to begin with. Any other opinions?
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  1. That depends on how much you can undervolt it.

    The stock fan can barely keep up with the heat produced from stock speed and voltage. If you increase one without decreasing the other, you will have more heat and the stock cooler probably will fail to keep the cpu within temp specs under load after just a couple hundred Mhz boost.

    Now, if you can drop the voltage and increase the speed, you can go faster without getting more heat and the stock cooler will work. (Up to a point at least)
  2. slightly of topic, i also have a 965 be but runs as stock.

    with the stock cooler i was getting temps around 32 on idle and when gaming (bf3) it was hitting around 45.

    i didnt have a problem with the temp, my problem was with the noise the stock cooler made- sounds like a jet taking off.

    changed it over for a zalman cnps 9900 max, now sits idle at 26 and gaming hits 40 at max, this is with the resister in place too so its on the slower speed.
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