Build im slowing buying parts for ( what would you change)

First let me say this computer is mainly a late and slow reaction to Diablo 3 coming out. I mainly want a desktop to play the current PC games now along with a few to come in the future. I'm buying these parts one at a time as my paychecks allow so it may not be finished until months from now so somethings may change. Anyways as it stand right now the only thing I have Purchased and received so far is the case which I bought an NXT Lexa S ( )
So that's what I actually have at the moment. After Friday when I get paid I'll be purchasing the next step which is going to be the PSU which I have selected a Corsair GSG800 ( )

so that's the only new thing planned in the near future so far. These are the rest of the planned components.

MOBO: ASRock Z77 Extreme6 ( )

CPU: i5-3570K ( ) Still stuck between the 3570 and 3770, I want the i7 just to have it but I cant think of anything practical that I'm going to be doing on this desktop that will need it. I know I should save that 100 bucks and put it somewhere else more useful, any thoughts?

Memory: G Skill Ripjaw X 16gb (8x2) ( ) will eventually buy another 8x2 pack to make it 32gb but not right away. Mainly just want to fill up those empty slots.

Hard Drive: Samsung 830 256Gb SSD ( )

Blu Ray:

Secondary drive:

Video Card: GTX 670 ( ) Seriously subject to change. since I'm building this computer so slowly who know what will be the 400$ card around the time I get to this point. It's just what I got in there now. I was going to get around a 299 card but then when I just decided to go with the 3570 and save the money there i would move it to the video card.

Anyways, that's all I got in my favorites at the moment for my build. Any question comments concerns? massive overkills I can save money on? I know this is going to some super overclocked machine my main games on interest right now to play is D3, Minecraft, SC2 which non are very demanding but never know what game ill see on G4TV that ill have to go run out and buy to try
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  1. I've got the same mobo and CPU in a potential build wishlist, and am running the same SSD. I also have G.Skill RAM.
    Did you mean for your "Secondary drive" to link to a DVD drive, or did you intend it to be a large magnetic hard drive?
    For a single GTX670, you won't need an 800W PSU unless you're planning to add another one. Otherwise, 550W-600W is enough.
    Even if you do not plan to overclock, you may still find a $30 120mm aftermarket cooler worthwhile because it will be quieter than stock. Some people will cite the CM 212+, or Evo, etc. however in competent technical reviews, many of Crappermaster's PSUs were found to have liar labels or claim protection circuits that are actually missing. That's dishonest, so I will neither buy nor recommend ANY of their products, even in unrelated lines. I will instead recommend the Xigmatek Gaia, which I am using now with good results. I have a 970BE overclocked to 4GHz, and the hottest it gets while running the FAH client on all cores is 56C. At idle, it runs ~41C below ambient, which means around 35C now.
  2. Are you sure you need the Extreme 6 over the Extreme 4 (or similar)?
    Do you need the display port/firewire/mini pcie?|13-157-293^13-157-293-TS%2C13-157-295^13-157-295-TS
  3. For selecting your proc, I would ask yourself when you last upgraded was - chances are the 3770 would keep you from feeling the need to upgrade longer. I usually recommend spending big the first time instead of getting buyers remorse down the road. I agree, 800W is excessive for a single card since the Nvidia 600 Series is a lot more energy efficient. If you want to purchase with the intention of SLI'ing down the road, I think the 670 is the perfect selection. If you pick an EVGA video card, I think they're still doing the step-up program. My buddy just converted his 570 to a 680 for around $100 - can't even begin to tell you what a word of difference that is and he didn't lose any of the value he put into that card.

    For RAM, unless you're using your computer as a virtual host or doing some SERIOUS multitasking (think playing game while watching 1080p bluray while encoding video while downloading album collection), there will not come a time where you'll get a benefit of having more than 16GB of RAM. I would save a little cash by going with a (2) 2X4GB kits. I am also a Corsair fan myself but I know everyone has their preferences. Here's what I'm using in my rig, they're low profile so you can use an aftermarket CPU cooler without worrying about having to remove any memory:

    For your SSD, I would also consider the 180GB Intel 520 if you don't need a full 256GB for program files, OS & game files a la steam. Punch for punch, but the difference in read/write speeds are slightly noticable. I had a 256GB 830 and decided I didn't need the space so I returned it in favor of the Intel 520 and I notice the difference at start-up and when copying files from my SSD to my secondary HDD. Just my two cents...

    Yes, all of your parts are overkill the current games out there but next gen games are just around the corner and you're definitely going to need a little extra muscle to make them look good.
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