Undervolting AMD X4 Phenom ii 965 SAFE?

I want to undervolt my cpu as my temps are way high(even after the side panel of the cabinet case is open)

and the readings are as below (taken ~5 mins after pc startup)

according to speedfan

temp2 -45c
gpu -34c
temp1 -36c
hdo -31c
core -48c

vcore1 -1.39v
vcore2 -1.46v
+3.3v -3.31v
+5v -5.05v
+12v -12.42v
-12v -0.06v
-5v -1.63v
+5v -3.63v
vbat -3.10v
hd) -93%

fan1 -13rpm
fan2 -3000rpm
fan3 -0rpm
fan1 -3169rpm

i am new to this

1>>>what factors do i need to consider?
2>>>is it safe?
3>>>does other components matter in undervolting?
4>>>at what value should i stop?

my specs

CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor BE 3.4ghz
MOBO- gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P
ram- 4gb
Hard disk- 1tb
PSU- http://www.game-debate.com/psu/ind [...] ics%20800W
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  1. It is safe. You can undervolt as long as it's stable.
  2. FinneousPJ said:
    It is safe. You can undervolt as long as it's stable.

    thanks....what about my temp?
    is it too high?, coz i have already open one side of the case

    i use my room fan and direct it to the open part of the cabinet(i.e. blows to cpu) and even after this my readings after playing gta4 were 60-62c
    that's too much right?

    will the life of the cpu decrease if it hits ~62c
  3. Your temps are okay as long as it doesn't go above 62C which seems to be recommended max C

  4. 1.4v from the BIOS should be the norm.

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