Software crashes

Since adding a new SSD I've been getting system crashes - more so on DCS A-10C Warthog, although I have re-installed this game but still the problem arises

I get these error messages


I know it doesn't give many clues but anyone have an ieda what it may mean?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Did you do a full reinstall of windows? latest drivers?
  2. I did a full re-install and newest drivers yes
  3. Hmm, does it do this with any other game? Can you uninstall it and reinstall it on a secondary drive? I doubt that would help though :/
  4. I only play this sim and nothing else, so not sure if it woiuld do the same. It seems to have been a problem from upgrading to an SSD as it did not do this before. now it seems my SSD has failed - the second (and 2 different manufacturers!) in 2 months. Please see my other post - Not booting that was posted just before this one
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