Need advice on building new PC

Hi Guys,

Require your advice on building a new PC.
My requirement would be to run around 5-8 virtual machines using VM ware to run a domain controller/DNS Server/SQL Server 2008 and SCCM 2007/2012.

I dont want to build a server class machine as i would use the PC for occassional gaming as well.

My first choice of configuration would be
Intel Core i7 2600k
ASROCK Z77 Extreme 6/ ASUS P8Z77-V Pro Mobo
Nvidia Geforce 560Ti GPU
550W Cooler Master PSU

My major doubt here is is it worth spending the extra money for i7 2600k or shall i opt down to i5 2500k. I might upgrade to Ivy Bridge some time in the future.

Please advice
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  1. If you want Ivy get it now, it would be a waste of money to upgrade from a decent SB.
  2. go for an i7 Ivy. VMs will want as much extra power as you can squeeze out
  3. My current budget wont allow me to stretch it to ivy :(
    So i prefer to start of with somethin in $1000-$1200 range.
    I'm from India so considering the exchange rate and price of things here it would be my approximate budget
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