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[Monitors] I need help choosing a new monitor

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April 18, 2012 7:00:57 AM

Not sure where this should really go. I can't really believe there isn't a "monitors" or "displays" subsection... Anyways.

I think that should show up to everyone publicly.. If not let me know and I'll individually post my choices thus far. If you have a suggestion that isn't included in my short list, feel free to say so!

EDIT: I figured it wouldn't work... =/ Here are my three:

This is going to be for a closer-to-budget gaming build. Somewhere close to $150 is the price range I'm sitting at for the display. I also already have an ATI Radeon HD 4850 to power the display. Those above are the three that I'm currently looking at the most closely...


- They're just about the right size (looking for 20-24" if the resolution stays at 1920X1080 or better; 2560x1600 is the Video Card's limit, but I doubt that will be an issue lol). Would settle for as low as 18.5" if there is a "perfection" feeling about the monitor, but the 24" limit is firm.

- 5ms or less response is almost a 100% necessity unless something is really mind-blowing about another suggestion. 8ms would be my hard limit.

- DVI or HDMI is a must; I won't settle for VGA, let's put it at that, lol. HDMI + speakers would be a welcome treat but by no means is it mandatory.

Less important notes:

- I can get 10% off the LG (or most other LG's) through a promo code if I buy before Sunday, which would be absolutely awesome, but I am willing to pass that up if the quality difference will be noticeably greater with other options.

- I like the look of the 21.5" ASUS (listed 2nd above) I have picked out A LOT. The stand looks sturdy as well. Aesthetically speaking, that would be my choice of the three by a landslide.

- The only "major" brand I'm trying to steer away from is Acer, but that is heavily based on hear/say. I've never owned anything from them except a Laptop that died far too fast... Can't REALLY judge their monitors based on that, but I know I hate the half-ass experience that they refer to as "customer service"!

Also worth mentioning...

Preferred brands:
- Samsung
- LG
- HP
- I've also never had complaints with Gateway, Dell, and COMPAQ as fail-safe brands, but I know there is better quality out there that these out there.

Also, if anyone mentions an LCD TV (which I'm open to if the price is low enough somehow), I'm a huge Samsung fanboy when it comes to televisions. Samsung and Sony are the only actual TV brands I will buy, although even Sony is generally a tough sell for me because their customer service is decent at best when I actually do end up needing it.

Thank you in advance!!

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April 18, 2012 7:13:42 AM

gary1 said:
Don't get any of the Cheap Samsungs, because, they are cheap.

Here's what I suggest. (Your Wishlist isn't public!)

Linked to the monitors instead, thanks!

I actually looked at that exact monitor earlier today. I like it a bit, but I'm not a fan of the stand it's sitting on... Between that and the price being a little upwards I decided to pass. But you're thinking along the same lines as I am in terms of quality, which makes me feel good :)  Haha
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April 18, 2012 7:23:57 AM

The one I linked is actually the same price as those..?
April 18, 2012 7:35:40 AM

Yeah, forgot to take into account the extra $30, oops. Lol.

I'm still skeptical of the stand though. Do you think that would be a significantly better display than the other ones I linked?