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I'm not sure where to put this, so please move it if it is the wrong place.

So, basically, I have finished building my first custom computer! HURRAH! And now I am worried that terrible things will happen to it! I have had the privilege in the past to always have bought computers from extortionate companies, which just so happen to include warranties on their items. But seeing as I have bought all the items for this computer separately, and a few of them from eBay, not all of the components have a warranty.

I have done a quick Google (yahoo) search to see if there is a company which offers warranties to whole custom made PCs. I think this is essentially just insurance though right? I.e. you buy insurance from a company so that in-case anything happens to go wrong, you actually save money etc etc. But didn't really know what to search for and there were no helpful websites that I could find.

Does anyone have any idea if such a service exists or if not then why not?! And from the information I have given you, would I need such a service if it does exist?

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  1. No, I've never heard of such a thing and wouldn't recommend it anyway. Your individual components still have warranty unless you bought them used...
  2. Ive never heard of such a service either, and if it did it would basically be a crook company selling you air.

    On the parts you bought used, some companies will allow a transfer of warranty, and others will not. You will have to individually check every manufacturer's policy.

    I know off hand that neither Intel nor AMD will honor a 2nd hand warranty. I believe Sapphire video cards will, like I said, make a list start checking out their websites.
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