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Hi guys,

I'm looking to build an htpc for my newly bought 55" tv. I'm not a crazy movie fanatic or anything but I want something that can play all my media (1080p / 720p) nicely without any shutter. There will be NO gaming done (or if there is it'll be games like terraria where any computer can handle it).

My budget is around $200, but I already have an SSD, ram (2gb, might buy another 2gb), PSU (not the most power effecient, might replace.), HDD's, Bluray drive.

So all I need is a cpu, mobo, case. Also i'm looking for my htpc to be some sort of a file storage server, so I would like as many HDD bays as possible but not a full tower case (you know what i mean).


P.S. if you could use newegg.ca for parts instead of .com that would be helpful :D
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  1. I suggest waiting for the 2nd generation of APUs. They are just about to come out (they were benchmarked yesterday), and make a very good HTPC build.

    If you can't wait, however, use this:


    I like this kind of case because it's compact but works well. 3 drive bays and 2 5.25 bays.


    Cheap but nice. ASUS makes great motherboards.


    A little over budget. However, if you have the money, get this instead:

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