Crossfire HD 6850 on MSI 990FXA GD80

Ok, im wondering if I require a extra long crossfire bridge as plan running two hd 6850's on the motherboards two pciex16 slots.

What size of crossfire bridge will I require?

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  1. The crossfire bridge should have come with the graphics cards... but let me look at your board. ok Since Crossfire support will be the same across the board.... Which slots did you plan to run your Crossfire setup,. I my self would space it out to cut temps since far as bandwidth and performance is gonna be the same across the lanes.

    I would put it:

    1.PCI-Express x16.20
    2.PCI-Express x16 2.0
    your board seems to have the necessary spacing for your graphics cards...Check your boxes for your GPU's they should have come with crossfire cables. If not. any SLI cable online will do. You can actually bend in the cable and still connect it to the cards if the cable is too big.
  2. Yea, I will be running the cards in both PCIE X16 slots. Im wondering if I need to purchase a longer crossfire bridge due to fact of it being mentioned in the motherboards video from newegg stating that if you plan to run dual x16 crossfire then you are required to purchase a extra long crossfire bridge as the ones that comes with the motherboard may not be long enough....
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