Is it worth the upgrade ?

Hey all!

So i'm thinking of upgrading my cpu, but there are a few BUT's to this...

My specs :

Pentium Dual Core e5400 oc from 2,7 to 3,1Ghz
Gtx 550TI
4gb Ram

I bought BF3 a few days ago and it lags like hell on multiplayer (Crashes, low fps etc). So i was thinking, maybe i should upgrade to a Core 2 Quad 6600 ? I Can't upgrade to an i5 cause of my motherboard, LGA 775 socket. Would i be getting a major improvement in FPS while playing BF3 multiplayer ? I really can't be bothered to change mobo, ram and cpu, i don't want it bad enough :D.

So would it be worth the upgrade ? How would a Q6600 compare to a say i5 2500k ? Or is the Core 2 Quad series at the end of it's lifeline.

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  1. even ivy i3 will be better than q6600, buy socket 1155
  2. bennik said:
    even ivy i3 will be better than q6600, buy socket 1155

    For gaming, i3 might actually be only roughly on par with the OP's current overclocked e5400 so not really worth looking into.

    If OP wants a reasonable step up, he'll have to look at least for i5-3330 or whichever step up from there that fits in his budget.

    Upgrading the CPU on LGA775 would be somewhat of a waste since everything else on the platform is so outdated. Only worth the trouble if you get a killer deal on a known-good quad-core CPU.
  3. The only upgrade to the LGA775 socket that would make the grade, would be the fastest Core2Quad you can find. And that would be used, as in ebay. The QX97xx's and even the Q95xx's would be a good upgrade to stretch a bit more life out of the LGA775 socket you have. But we need to know which motherboard you have so it can be determined if the 'high end' C2Qs will work in it. If it would, a BIOS upgrade will probably be required. The above mentioned quad cores are at least the equivalent of the high end Phenom II x4s. And they are still adequate gamers.,3106-5.html

    Next up would be a Graphic card upgrade. The GTX 550ti is not very good at much above 1680x1050 resolution. At 1920x1080, you'd have to back off on a lot of the settings.
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