Black Screen After Replacing CPU

Alright, I have a Compaq CQ60 423dx, running an Intel Mobile Celeron 900, socket P, motherboard model HP-3612 (I think), Bios revision f.65.

I replaced the processor with this:

The Intel 6400 Penryn. It has the same architexture, and has fit other laptops powered by Celeron 900 such as the 615DX.

My question is, I tried my hardest to find a compatible processor but I'm still getting a black screen on boot up.

I have tried removing the bios battery in an attempt to reset it. Is there anything I am missing that I forgot to do?
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  1. are u sure tht ur mobo is compatable with cpu
  2. they are both socket p, with the same architexture, isn't that all I need?
  3. OEM motherboards often have a very limited CPU support list built into their BIOS. If the CPU you are trying to upgrade to is not supported by the BIOS and there is no BIOS update to add support, game over.

    Because of that, upgrading CPUs in major-brand OEM prebuilt systems is rarely worth the trouble. Any CPU worth upgrading to is rarely supported.
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