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Hi all... been looking for a CPU/MB combo for around $200-$250. I've looked at the AMD 965 and 955 BEs, the AMD FX4100, and the A10-5800k. Those seem to be the better options in my price range. I'm not looking to overclock, I don't game a whole lot, but I'd still like to have a quad core. I've read so many different things (good and bad) about all of these CPUs that my head has grown a full hat size larger. All opinions would be extremely helpful! I do have a Microcenter nearby. Thanks!
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  1. got for amd 956 if they have it instock and the asus or a gigabite motherboard
  2. thanks skitz... if I add $100 to my budget, would an i5 3570 be overkill?
  3. not it wont be but do u know tht u need intel mobo for tht i5 3570
  4. yeah, I was looking at some of the Z77 boards for the i5. Just figuring out what extras I need on the board.
  5. ok
  6. I went with the i5 3570 and grabbed the ASRock Extreme4 mobo... all under $300 from the good people at Microcenter... thanks for your help skitz!
  7. no worries bro
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