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Hello, I have a question. Which GPU is still optimal for Celeron G530? I'm considering GTX460 1GB 192 bit or will it be slowed down by my CPU, so called "bottleneck effect" etc?.
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  1. i would go with amd because nvidia has only the gtx 680 for high end as their new gen. look at 7750 or 7770. 7750 is good if your power supply does not come with 6 pin pcie connectors, 7770 requires one power connector.
  2. I would say the 7770/7750/6850. Sandy bridge celerons are pretty fast :).
  3. Quote:

    Well, that's skyrim.. A 5 years old console can play that, though this guy was also running fraps, so that adds some points.
  4. ^+ skyrim is a cpu hog. get yo facts right boiii.
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