Best Case for ~150$

Hey Guys!

So, I'm planning to build my new PC for gaming, but I can't decide what case i'll get...

I want a case with good airflow, nice cable management, some dust filters, and some LED fans, i have 150$ for it.


PS: Idk if this is important, but i won't SLI, i'll just overclock my cpu to 4.0ghz
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  1. Take a look at this one, COOLER MASTER HAF XM
  2. well honestly if you are not going to do SLI, id suggest getting a matx case to save space. there is nearly no point of getting a large case if you are not going to fill it up

    generally my cases to go for is a haf xm or a fractal define r4. LEDs are useless but some people spend money on those

    and if you want a matx case, id suggest the define mini from fractal. i strongly suggest getting a matx motherboard for your rig if you are not going to do SLI or crossfire. not to mention overclocking to 4ghz is barely overclocking at all. ivy bridge CPUs are already set to turbo up to 3.9ghz so turboing up to 4ghz is like nothing
  3. Thor V2 by Rosewill DUH!
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