Compaq won't boot :0

Yesterday I changed cases (zalman z11) Worked fine but today I was changing cables (power led) and i turned it on and it beeped so I unplug CPU power and plug it back in and it normally booted signed in and BSOD restarted and. BSOD. Won't give signal to monitor and last thing that it said is HDD is corrupt or something.... I backed up some files on Tuesday and Ethernet light dosnt go on. Sorry if I'm in wrong thread and If I gave bad info I'm fufdfffhexdn
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  1. It. Boots but BSOD
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    Post config.

    Swap out memory, test one dimm at a time.

    Use this to verify cables, no pinched cables, etc. eventually you'll try bread-boarding if you don't find the problem sooner.

    Standard debugging is to remove parts until system posts cleanly then add them back in until it goes bad.
  3. Thank you I think it might be the front panel switches il try in a few minutes
  4. It's just beeps and beeps
  5. Excellent. Google BEEP CODES. The bios is trying to tell you what failed.

    The actual beep codes for your PC will be in the troubleshoot section of your manual for PC or motherboard.
  6. It just keeps beeping and beeping all I know is that my motherboard is called Nettle 2 and I'm currently computer less (I'm using my iPod touch)
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  8. I took out one of the RAM's lol
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