No display Nor post beeps

Hi ill start with my specs

water cooling setup - case thermaltake kandalf
psu - tt 650w
gpu - bfg 880gtx wc
cpu amd 6400x2 black edition 3.2hgz
mobo - ASUS crosshair am2 590 sli
ram (currently installed) ddr2 800mhz

right so i ordered 4 gigs of ram(crucual ballistix sport 4gb) and they came today, i installed with computer completely off ( prior to this my pc has been running fairly fine for around 6/7 years)

after i had put them in and turned my pc off, it seems like there must of been a loose water pipe connection to the cpu(have no idea how this occured, my only theory is that i accidently moved it or something, but tbh it does take some force) That aside, it leaked when i turned it on, immedieatly i turned it off.

fixed the connection and dealth with the spillage, turned back on and it powered off within seconds ( it only leaked onto my gpu btw)

Whilst looking through this website, i saw a psu test (all disconnected from mobo and other components, paper clip > earth to mobo) and this worked fine, even with a case fan attacted to see if it was certain..

So my next port of call was to test my monitor through the mobo vga slot, but for some very very very strange reason it dosnt have one...

so tested another monitor on my gpu, this was about 2/3 hours later after it had also dried some bit, and know it turns on and stays on for a while, but no display, no post beeps at all.. im just really confused with were to go with this.

Also i noticed this a while back but it was kind hard to clean off, my gpu has some sticky green liquid on top of it, ive cleaned alot off but there is still some seems it has been leaked on before, but i noticed this just under a eyar ago, and its ran nice ver since.

I believe the problem is with my gpu but im unsure how to test it cause it is water cooled, im thinking of just getting the asus 550 ti, and would it be fine to reconnect the water connections but skip out the gfx card.

But could there be a possiblity of it being anything else? i ran a hell load of diagnostics all the basic ones
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  1. wow, a 7 year old watercooled pc. Usually watercooling people upgrade more often than that, lol. Likely the gpu is dead and possibly the mobo.

    First, some questions:
    -have you ever cleaned out the wc loop? (or at least changed the water)
    -did you set this loop up? or someone else?
    -is there dye in the coolant?
    -would you think about getting a new computer instead of upgrading? that cpu is a major bottleneck.
  2. erm i have once, when my water pump broke and i had to replace it, ive changed it a few times but id say last time was a bit over a year ago i believe.

    some one else set it up for me, i beleive ( lol ) my dad recorded the procedure lool

    there is green dye in the coolant, its a thermal take coolant.

    see i am thinking, but tbh im one a huge budget and ive been looking at what there is, and tbh i dont think i have enough altough im seriously considering it.

    If i was able to add/ repair my pc id be happy to wait a few months until i can get a higher budget. but i dunno im in a bad situation without my pc :(
  3. ok, colored coolant is always a bad idea (in case you wc again). Distilled water (and either PT nuke or a silver coil) should always be used. The dye breaks down, clogs the loop and, in your case it's been leaking green goop on your gpu.

    Your loop can't continue the way it is. It needs to be disassembled (completely), cleaned and leak tested. As in running the loop outside of the case without any components attached. You need to make sure none of the waterblocks are leaking and you may need new tubing. You will also likely find green goop inside the water blocks themselves and may need to open them up to clean them.

    Something leaked that stuff onto your gpu, so something is broken. Have someone help you if you aren't comfortable taking it apart. And make sure it's not plugged in.

    In the future, if you have any spills, turn everything off and dry every drop of water before turning it on.

    Do you still have the air cooler for your cpu? If you do put it on after the wc equipment is off. Can you borrow a gpu from somehwere? it doesn't matter which one, just something to test with.

    Also, what would your current budget be, roughly?

    edit: oh, that's a semi-prebuilt cooling case. I'll check if it can be dismantled safely.
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