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I have always gone with AMD for my CPUs and have never had any heating issues or never had one that's been bad (fingers crossed). I've always been satisfied with the performance and speeds. Recently I've been wanting to try and do my gaming with an Intel CPU. I have some money saved and I'm wanting to build a new rig based off it. I get a discount so I can get ANY part for real cheap so price isn't an issue. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or recommendations for my build. I wanted to go for an i7 CPU, everything else is up for recommendations. Oh yeah, please provide a reason for why you're suggesting a certain part. Don't just say, "Buy this one!" Thanks again.
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  1. Could you give us a budget to work with? Also why an i7? Something like a i5 2500 is more than enough for gaming
  2. What is your budget, what games do you play, and what graphical settings are you looking for?

    Also, if you are mainly playing games, might I suggest getting a i5 instead. For most games, an i7 will not make a difference, and when it does, it's only marginal. I5 models will provide higher performance for its cost. I would recommend i5-3570k or i5-2500k, or their locked counterparts if you are never going to overclock.
  3. Do a slight upgrade from an i5 2500K to an i5 3570K like the one I'm linking below:

    It is only slightly more expensive with newer tech. I agree with akxpckwb though in that an i7 is overkill and not the right value.
    You are correct to ask us about video cards and memory.
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  5. You want suggestions on other parts than the CPU too, right?

    As others have said, we need more details.

    Fill out this form, as well as telling us what games/programs you will be playing/running and which settings you want to run your games at (e.g. BF3 - ultra).
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