New build won't start up

Hi, around a week ago I received parts for the new build. This was my second build. After I thought i installed everything correctly it wouldn't start up even though the motherboard standby light is up. I thought it was rather my PSU or my MB. So I tried started it up with the 600w PSU from my first build but it still wouldn't start up. So I was convinced it was my MB, so i got it replaced. I got my replacement today and after installing everything it was the same exact problem. I made sure it wasn't my PSU with the paper clip test and a new replacement MB shouldn't fail. So what is the problem?

CPU: AMD A6 3500
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 550Ti 1gb GDDR5
RAM: 4GB G-Skills
PSU: Cooler Master Elite 460w
Hard Drive: Seagate 320GB 7200rpm
Optical Drive: Samsung DVD burner
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  1. I wonder if you have a strong enough PSU for that setup...
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    first off did you connect the 4 pin atx power on the top of the mb.
    and did you plug in the 6 pin pci power to the video card?? if you did on both and the mb wont power on...check that you have the case connectors on right...on a new built i just connect the power first to do a first boot then connect everything. with new build most people short the mb to the case.when you do that the ps and mb wont come on...the fan and led might have to use the 9 brass standoff that came with the case to keep the mb from shorting out.
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  4. Thank you so much. The brass standoffs worked.
  5. DOH!!!! :kaola: :kaola:
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