7850 or 6950 or?

well i'm down to one of this cards

6950 230$? http://www.amazon.com/Sapphire-DL-DVI-I-SL-DVI-D-PCI-Express-100312-3L/dp/B005X64QAG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1334784436&sr=8-1
7850 250$? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102986

so i do need a new card not sure if those will fit my case here is my spec and if i ever go sli will i need a new psu?
and witch card is better to sli or recommend me a gpu budget 150-250$.
and i just really want a card that the fan will not be so loud like the amd 6850.
and i want the fan to last 2 years+

i5 2500k oc 4.5ghz
amd 6850
8gb ram cosair Vengeance
cosair 650w
Case Raidmax Aeolus Gaming Mid-Tower Case, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811156252&Tpk=Raidmax%20Aeolus

ps:my bad english :)
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  1. You dont need to apologize for bad enlish....its 4 languages in one having a fight. I have a 6950 2 gb. The best option is the 7850 due to higher OC potential and lower power draw. They are AMD cards so its crossfire not sli. The 7850 is powerful. You might not need to have a 2nd card at all. If you want to save money get a 2nd 6850 if you can find one. 650w is just fine. 2x6850 is amazing.
  2. yea i would go with a another 6850 but the fan is bad its to loud
  3. I second the 7850 recommendation. It's lower power and higher performing than the 6950, it'll make up the $20 difference in power savings.

    The 2gb 6950 can be modded into a 6970, but even as a 6970 it'll only tie the performance of the 7850.

    A pair of 6850's put up similar numbers to a 7870, so as far as raw performance, it's the best for the money but they'll cost you more in the long run.

    1. It'll draw a lot more power than a single 7850 solution. You should turn off xfire anytime you're using the computer for something besides gaming.

    2. With a 2 card solution, you'll eventually run into microstuttering issues (this doesn't happen with single cards, and goes away with 3 or 4 sli'd/xfire'd cards)
  4. so i will prob go with the 7850.
  5. That depends entirely on your PSU's 12v rail, but I bet it can handle xfire'd 7850's easily. They only draw ~100w under load, so unless your PSU is designed with a 3 or 4 way split 12v rail (dumb design) you'll most likely be fine.

    can you give us a link to your PSU model?
  6. Oh yeah. a single 53a 12v rail. 12v*53a = 636w maximum continuous output.

    You could run three 7850's off of that bad boy and still stay under the 75% load maximum efficiency window for PSU's.

    Hell, you could even run four without losing too much efficiency.
  7. k will go with the 7850 witch specific model should i go with
    asus, GIGABYTE, powercolor, his, DIAMOND, VisionTek, SAPPHIRE, MSI
  8. I'd say the cheapest card that whose company has decent reliability. Warranties on video cards are crap, except for EVGA, and they don't make AMD cards.

    ASUS seems to have the best reliability for video cards, though their cards are usually a bit more expensive.

    HIS often has cards on the cheaper side, the 6770's I'm using are HIS, had them for about a year with no problems.

    *looks like ASUS has a 7850 on newegg for only $2 more than the cheapest card (HIS) after you add shipping. (the ASUS card has free shipping, the HIS card costs $8 to ship). I'd buy the ASUS.
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