Benchmarks like PCMark vantage used only a little of my CPU power...

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As the question stated, PCMark vantage and, PCMark05 and PCMark 7 used a little of my CPU power... but why?
I have no graphic Card installed yet, (I am soon getting a GTX 670), and after i ran the benchmark test, i go to find out my results. My CPU have been OC'ed to 4.4Ghz and the test results (each of them) stated that the processor clock was 2400mhz, i wanna know why it uses such little power. Do i have to buy the full version to use the full power of my processor? or what? and why?

Thanks in advance for all response guys.
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    Control Panel -> Power Options and enable "High Performance" That will lock in max speed.

    It's just the program taking a snapshot of the CPU speed at a random time and since it's not always at full speed with the "Balanced" power plan enabled, it just catches a random speed.

    It honestly shouldn't really matter, though. That part doesn't really have anything to do with the benchmark itself.
  2. PCMark and 3dMark measure your system.

    When they measure or scan your system your CPU is usually idling, or "starting" up.

    My 2600K @4.5ghz is shown @1.8ghz, but my CPU score is very high. That's because they measure your system.
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