USB Head-Phone (Volume & Sound)

I bought a USB A4 Tech HU-200 HeadPhone
Its volume is quite high even when the windows volume is at 0, When its at max 100 it works like dedicated speakers
Is there any way to reduce the volume beyond the lowest volume of windows 7?

Note: My Headphone does not have any soft of driver or software
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  1. Try a right click on the speaker in the system tray, select volume control options, and check your headphones, then they will have a separate control level that may adjust the volume correctly.
  2. Did it. Does not make any sort of difference in terms of volume as well as no extra option appears.
  3. Odd, I have two slider bars once I enabled that -- one for S/PDIF out and one for headphones (mine use a 3.5mm jack but have no software).
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