New build, no video/post, experts needed

so im doing my first build, and I do not post or get any video output

according to my motherboard company, the A6 code I get on dr. debug (after bitting a2) means im in bios

so if im in bios does that mean my RAM, cpu, processor, psu are all working correctly?

the only problem is that I have no tried two different working video cards ( old pci one that still worked and a new gtx 670 i just got today.) and niether of them fixed my issue. So if im in BIOS and i have tried two different working video cards, what else can i try.
i have looked arround a ton of forum sites and the general consensus of the first error code (A2) is a video issue though.
also a quick question...

if im able to press f2 and have the computer react by changing a code (even if it is not going to bios like the motherboard company says). what at a minimum is all working.

any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Forget all you did before, I have the links and read all. and
    After that to reset the COMS by remove the battery, wait for 10 min and put back the battery. Only connect the DVD/or CD driver, one RAM, HD, CPU and video card (if you use the GTX 670 you need two 6pin power connector). Turn on the PC, so what does happen
  2. i have cleared CMOS, have a dedicated motherboard button for that. done all of the second link things before, only trying to at least post so i have tried only 1 stick of ram, cpu, gfx card.
  3. I read some your old posts, and do you install the old card (FX 5500) into your new MB (X79)? If you say yes, then you need get the new MB because the old card don't fit the new MB, the MB is broken so that it can't pass the post or get any video output.
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